Monday, August 30, 2010

Feeding Frenzy

We're all about food in our house right now! Eve started eating solids about 3 weeks ago & she loves it!! She's eating rice cereal, sweet potatoes & peas. Today we tried some apple, so we'll see how that goes. She'd eat her weight in the sweet potatoes & cereal but the peas I think she just tolerates. Mealtime always ends up being a fun mess!

I make my own baby food. I picked up a box of rice cereal the other day & couldn't pronounce half the ingredients. That pretty much solidified my decision to make my own. Plus, it's so much cheaper! I use my coffee grinder to grind sweet brown rice into a powder. It probably take a little longer than the boxed stuff to get the right consistency (but I'm not sure, I've never made the stuff!). It turns out tasting like yummy cream of wheat ... something I'd eat! I love knowing exactly what's going into my baby's tummy. The real cost saver really comes with the veggies. I can bake & puree 3 sweet potatoes & have enough to feed her for about 2 months. Plus, she's eating pure veggies. I still nurse her every 4 hours-ish, so she's getting the great nutrition of breast milk too.

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