Monday, January 3, 2011

Finally, A New Year!

I'm ready for a new year! SO ready!

Eve & I went with Justin to Georgia for a work trip. We were there 3 months, living out of a hotel. It was a really great experience but we were very glad to come home. We've been back almost a month now ~ Hard to believe.

The holidays passed like a whirlwind! We had Tori for about 10 days & enjoyed every second of her! It's so fun to see her & Eve interact. Eve follows her around already. I can't imagine how it'll be in a few years.

One of my new years resolutions is no Facebook for a year (I have my reasons). So I guess that means I'll be updating my blog more often (hopefully). So if you want to keep up with us, become a "follower" of my site & it'll send you an email whenever I update it.

My second resolution is to bake my friend Greg a different kind of pie every month for a year. There's a story behind this resolution. Basically I was challenged & it sounded fun!

Hope this year is wonderful for all of you!

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