Monday, June 6, 2011

The Great Diaper Conversion

When I got pregnant with my daughter last year, I decided to do cloth diapers. After much research, I went with BumGenius. I've really liked them! However, I've had a few hang ups with them.
1. Bad detergent buildup causing ammonia burns on my baby's soft tushie! :o(
2. Velcro coming off.

I've been working to remedy problem #1 for about 8 months & I think I'm close to a solution! As far as the Velcro well, first of all if you're going to go with BumGenius & plan on using your diapers for more than a year, DON'T GET VELCRO! I emailed BumGenius about this problem & they told me to ship them my diapers to let them SEE if they "qualify" for free fixing/replacing. Um, hello, they're my diapers! I kinda need them! So I wasn't very happy with the BumGenius folks.

However, my hubby went on a motorcycle trip last week ... Isn't he cute?! ...

So I took advantage of him being gone to convert my diapers to snaps. I found this wonderful tutorial that I'd highly recommend if you're planning on attempting this undertaking. I pretty much followed the tutorial to the letter & her instructions were great!

Just a few things about the tutorial.

1. Getting your pliers centered is crucial! Squeeze slowly but firmly. These are a few of my wounded little soldiers that helped me learn this lesson.

2. It took me a total of about 12 hours to do all 25 of my diapers. I did like 5 at a time while Eve napped. But I think it was worth it.

3. I centered my snaps 1'' apart.

4. It's VERY tedious work!

5. After the great local search for snaps & pliers failed (my local Hobby Lobby & JoAnn's didn't have snaps, only pliers), I ordered them online. If, like me, you're starting out clueless, just Google "KAM snaps & pliers." I bought the cheapest ones I could find & I think I ended up getting them on Etsy. (LOVE Etsy!)

As I mentioned above, I think I'm finally getting a handle on all of the detergent buildup, but if anyone has any suggestions please post a comment!!

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