Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Big Girl

So I've mentioned in previous posts, I'm a part-time mom to my husband's 8 year old daughter, Victoria. She's so truly amazing! It's been (and still is) strange going from parenting a baby to parenting a "big girl." It's like I missed a lot of in between stuff that's sorta important. Her mom is wonderful & has taught me alot!

Whenever we have Toria, I always learn so much & am amazed by her daily. We've had her for the past few days while she's been on spring break. The child is so scatterbrained! (Definitely takes after her dad) I thought doing errands with Eve & Toria would be easier ... or at least not more difficult ... than with Eve alone. I mean she's 8 & pretty self sufficient! Yeah I was wrong!

Yesterday we went to the library & to Target. I had to remind the girl to walk ... literally! At one point, we pull up to Target. I turn the car off, get out, open Eve's door, start getting her out, look up & Toria is sitting there, looking at me like she has no clue where she is or what's happening to her. She zones out about every 5 minutes, trips over her own feet, & thinks of then says the weirdest things. And I LOVE IT! She makes life so much more fun & interesting! Not to mention complete.

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