Monday, July 18, 2011

Facial Reconstruction - Day 1

Today is Day 1 of my 90-day face cleansing regime. I wanted to see if using all natural face products really makes a difference.
I usually use St. Ives ... something that's seemed pretty natural to me. Then I read the label! Green tea my butt! There are more chemicals in there than anything! So, after explaining to my engineer husband that green tea & essential oils are not chemicals, I decided to start my experiment.
Using Herbs for Health & Healing by Kathi Keville as a guide, I made my own facial cleanser & toner. This is a great book, by the way! I've got pretty much every other page dog-eared & notes in the margin.
This is my before picture. I took it at the time of day when my face is usually at it's worst ... nighttime, after a full day of sweat & oil & baby hands & various other hazards of the mom trade.
I then used my cleanser & toner & already my face just feels better. Usually, after I wash my face, it ends up feeling really tight & dry (I normally have oily skin). That causes me to use moisturizer which then makes my face feel super oily & heavy. My face feels clean & smooth & sufficiently moisturized.
A funny side note: Apparently when you mix aloe vera gel with witch hazel & essential oils, it turns this really cool pinkish/purple color!

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