Monday, July 25, 2011

Facial Reconstruction: Day 7

I'm a week into my facial experiment. I realized at some point last week that I didn't really outline what exactly I was going to be doing. So I'll do that now.
First, my old regime:
1. Wash face nightly with St. Ives Green Tea cleanser & moisturize with Aveeno night cream.
2. Moisturize with Aveeno day cream in the morning.
3. Makeup consisted of as little as all natural/organic concealer (from Mac) to as much as foundation, blush, concealer, & eye makeup ... depended on my mood & time.
*I have naturally oily skin. I find it weird that I was using cream on it twice a day. But it felt dry & looked somewhat flaky. I now attribute that to the cleanser.
New regime:
1. Clean face with homemade cleanser night & morning.
2. Use homemade toner to restore moisture night & morning.
3. Makeup: all natural concealer (Mac), organic powder (to help control oil during the day), organic mascara.
So far I'm really digging the new routine. I'm having to get into the habit of cleaning my face in the morning. But it feels so fresh & soft afterwards, I'm finding it's easy to want to do it.
I can't say I can tell I huge difference in my skin's appearance. I still have some redness & I still get an occasional white head. However, I've noticed a big difference, already, in how it feels. It doesn't feel all tight & "roughed up" after I wash it. And the toner seems to just restore the natural moisture & doesn't make my face feel oily or greasy.
So far I'd recommend the switch to anyone!

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