Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Hairy Ordeal

My mind's going crazy with post ideas tonight!

So for the last yearish or so I've been contemplating dreadlocks. I completely dismissed the idea earlier this year when I watched a woman get 10-year-old dreads cut out on a makeover show. She did not maintain them well at all. They were completely nasty, stinky & full of 10 years of ... well, crap that gets in your hair & stays there when you don't wash it.

Not to long ago I discovered Sara's blog, Walk Slowly, Live Wildly. She inspired me to reconsider. Her dreads are lovely! She does a great job at maintaining them & keeping them clean & neat. I emailed her to ask her some questions & see if she could clear up some rumors that go along with dreads. Anywho ...

So this week I've been having a mental debate with myself ~ grow my hair back out or put dreads in. I thought it'd be fun to put a poll up & see what you thought (whoever "you" is). Plus, it'd let me know if people are actually reading this thing.

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