Monday, September 13, 2010

Eve, mother of all the living

Our Little Sitter

For those of you who follow my blog just for Eve Updates, this post's for you!

Evie Poo-Poo (as we so affectionately call her) is 5 1/2 months old. She's the sweetest, goofiest, happiest baby ever! She's sitting like a pro! She loves playing in her exasaucer & rolling around on the floor. As I mentioned in my last post, she's trying her hardest to crawl. She gets more sturdy on her hands & knees every day.

I taught her how to read last week.

She's loves her bed! Sometimes I'll hear her playing in there for up to 30 minutes when I put her down. I know "they" say you shouldn't let babies play in their beds, but who cares! She's a dynamite sleeper so I let her play away! She's been sleeping 12+ hours every night. She's always been such a good sleeper. When she wakes up she just plays & lays in her bed til I come get her.

Her morning chore is to make the coffee.

Her favorite toys are her froggy paci, a giraffe, Daddy & a whisk I let her play with when I'm cooking. She loves faces! It cracks Grandaddy up that she's always trying to put his nose in her mouth. She's such a people baby! She loves her Jo-Jo & Grandaddy & even reaches out to go to them over Momma. Daddy, of course, is one of her favorites. He wrestles with her & she just laughs & laughs! She loves two of my "baby brothers," Parrish & Samuel. They were so interested in her all during my pregnancy & were always the first people to run up & talk to my belly. Now, she's one of their favorite little people!

Tickle time with Daddy.

Right before I took this picture she was hitting the chest with her toy there on the floor. I think she was trying to open it. lol She's going to be a mess when she finally starts crawling!

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