Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rain, Projects, & Grandparents

Today was such a lazy, snugly, shnuckums-wuckums day! Eve & I were up early enough to be on our way to my mom's by 9:15 to work on a sewing project. I knew it'd been pouring down rain all night (such a sweet lullaby!), but I was surprised to see how hard it was still coming down when I opened the garage door. But with Eve securely strapped in her "bucket" (that's what my dad calls her car seat ... I like it!) & her & all of our tote-alongs in the car, we were committed. We waded in safely & I was glad we braved the weather.

While Granny Jo-Jo (my mom) & I worked on our projects, Grandaddy (my dad) minded Eve. By this I mean he rolled around with her on the floor & almost wet his britches laughing at watching her play with & try to fit his entire watch in her mouth (their most favorite pastime). She wants to crawl soooo badly! Won't be long! It looks like she's saying "I'm trying to crawl here, what of it?!"

My mom organizes a Round Robin Quilt-A-Thon with some of her friends from time to time & this is the first one I'll participate it. It's amazing how being a full-time nursing student while planning a wedding & having a baby can keep you from sewing! Go figure! So mom was helping me finish up my starter square. I lovers it! It will eventually be a bedspread for Justin's & my bed when it's done. Our bedroom is painted red & right now it's decorated in blacks, grays & browns. I wanted to keep that color scheme going but added some blue cuz it's the hubby's favorite color. I wanted the design to be kind of mellow & tranquil & something that invited you to crawl underneath & snuggle down. The borders are going to be done in a Japanese theme but in keeping with my colors. I can't wait to see the finished product!!

Yesterday I filled up the fridge (literally!) with fresh pureed fruits & veggies for Eve. I love baby food making day! So another project mom & I accomplished today was milling some rice for Evie's cereal. Up til now I've been grinding a little bit at a time in my handy dandy coffee grinder. Which has worked okay but gives it more of a sandy consistency instead of something creamy. So my mom got the idea to run the brown rice through her wheat grinder. It worked like magic!! It's now the consistency of flour & cooks up very creamy & smooth. The very best part is that I spent a whopping $2 on the rice & it's enough cereal to last Eve at least 3 months!

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