Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Part 1: The Story Begins

Chapter 1

As Anne was once again swept up into the arms of another partner on the dance floor she thought, again, of David. This was the most important night of her light & she'd only gotten to dance with him once. She chanced a glance at him standing outside the dance floor, drinking his punch & talking with an older gentleman.

"Have I mentioned how lovely you look tonight, Miss. Irving?" Her dance partner interrupted her thoughts.

"Why thank you very much," Anne politely replied, trying not to sound too eager for the dance to end.

Her partner was opening his mouth to say something else when Anne's good friend Roger Augusta came up behind him.

"Excuse me, sir, but seeing as the night is almost over, and I haven't gotten a chance to dance with our guest of honor, I knew you wouldn't mind me cutting in."

The older gentleman nodded & stepped aside while Roger took Anne's hand and they began moving gracefully once again around the dance floor.

Roger had moved to Rose Hill, North Carolina to live with his brother & sister-in-law while he went to a nearby university. Since only a few years separated Anne & he, they became fast friends.

"So, how is the night going so far?" Roger asked Anne as she began to relax in the arms of a familiar face.

"Wonderful!" she exclaimed, a smile in place. "Also tiring & scary & disappointing."

"Disappointing?" Roger questioned, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, my dance card has been filled with old men just looking for a youthful wife that will look good on their arm that I've only danced with David one." Her lovely brow wrinkled with a frown & Roger made no attempt to hold back his laughter at the face she made.

"Well, I know he's thinking the same thing." Roger smiled & nodded to the young man watching their progress across the floor. Anne smiled to herself at the picture.

To be continued ...

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