Friday, May 20, 2011

Part IV

Chapter 2 - 2 weeks later

"Okay, Michal', which dress?" Anne had just entered the elaborate Irving library where Michal' was sitting at a table putting together a puzzle. Michal' glanced up from her work to look at the two dresses Anne was holding up for her inspection.

"Either one," Michal' casually responded.

"Michal', really, which one?"

"You look nice in both of them," she replied, then thought for a second. "Wear the blue one."

Anne looked at the light blue dress with delicate lace at the neck and wrists, then looked at the other one. it was a cream color with tiny pink and yellow flowers printed all over it.

"No, I think I'm going to wear this one," she said holding out the cream dress.

"Okay, What's the occasion anyway," Michal' questioned, putting her eyes back on her puzzle.

"You don't remember? David is coming to dinner tonight," Anne said taking the chair across from Michal' and inspecting her progress on the puzzle.

"Okay, Anne, it's the middle of the afternoon. Why are you worrying about all of this now?"

"For your information, I want everything to be perfect. daddy is really making an effort to get to know David and I think he's finally getting used to the idea that his girls are growing up. I Just think everything should be just right." Anne got up to let Michal' get back to her work. "And, by the way," Anne had gotten to the door and turned around to face her sister. "I want you to be serious tonight, none of your stories or jokes, please."

"Alright, but," Michal' said pointing her finger in Anne's direction. "He'll find out sooner or later the 'true' me, so don't think I'm going to put on an act for long just to make you happy."

Anne knew Michal' was only kidding and, no matter what Anne said, it probably wouldn't make any difference. But she did it anyway. (Did what anyway??)

"I know, and I want you to be yourself. Just minus the stories and smart remarks, at least for tonight." With that, Anne was off before Michal' had a chance to reply.

To be continued ...

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