Thursday, May 19, 2011

Part III

"Elaine, you do look beautiful tonight." Christopher went though the act of complimenting one of his many dance partners of the night. "The green in that dress brings out the color of your eyes." (I've no clue what this story is about!!)

His partner smiled shyly and glanced down at her dancing feet for a moment. Christopher Haltom was one of the most handsome men at the party, and a real lady's man. He had almost mastered the art of sweet talking and wooing women, without getting himself attached.

"I haven't ever taken you riding before?!" Chris was questioning. (Doesn't really sound like a question ...)

"No," the young lady answered shyly.

"Well, we shall have to remedy that. Sometime this week perhaps?!"

Ashley was leaning against the end table drinking his glass of champagne. He had been watching his brothers' progress around the dance floor. He could almost hear the words Christopher was saying to the young girl he was with. The same thing he said to all of them, 'You look lovely tonight,' 'We must go riding soon,' 'Did I mention you look beautiful?'. It almost made Ashley sick to his stomach.

No two brothers could be as different as Ashley and Christopher Haltom, in looks or personality. Ashley was tall and slender, with a slightly muscular frame, dark hair and broad shoulders. (I'm making myself sick a little bit.) Ashely was also very loyal and committed. He possessed a quiet and observant nature that his brother did not have. Christopher, on the other hand, was very social. He went to almost every party that was held in town, went on outings with friends many times a week and was more content to see several ladies at one time than just one. He was on the shorter side, quite muscular and had the smile and intriguing eyes that could charm any woman. He could strike up a conversation with just about anyone whether he knew them well or not. He was also a good listener. However, they did share two common features; their brown hair and gray eyes.

"That's quite a face." Ashley looked up to see that his fiance, Pamela, had come to stand beside him.

"I was just thinking," Ashley replied being pulled out of his thoughts.

"Oh. Care to share?"

"I was just wondering how long Chris' next relationship will last," Ashley answering nodding toward his brother on the dance floor.

Neither spoke for a moment as the waltz ended and Christopher bent to kiss the hand of the young lady he had been dancing with before leading her off the dance floor.

Ashley broke the silence by saying, "It's getting pretty late. Are you ready to go?"

Pamela tried to cover up a yawn and nodded. Ashley laughed at her response then took her hand to lead her to the door. Before they got there they were met by Ashley's father.

"Are you taking Pamela home, son," Mac Haltom asked his oldest child.

"Yes, she's getting tired."

"Your mother and I are about to leave ourselves. Good night, Pamela," he said turning to the young woman. "I trust you had a nice evening."

"Yes, a very nice evening, thank you," Pamela responded politely.

"Ashley, I'll see you tomorrow then?" Mac addressed his son again.

"Probably not. You forget I leave for Nova Scotia (of course!) first thing," he reminded his father. Ashley was a land surveyor and traveled to many places, including Canada and Europe, on business.

"Oh that's right. I'll see you when you return then."

"Oh course. Good night, dad, kiss mother for me." Ashley was tired and was ready to get back to his apartment in town before he had to leave again.

"Why don't you kiss her yourself?" Ashley turned to see his mother, a beaming smile on her face with her bright red hair and light purple evening dress, coming toward him. After a quick conversation and a kiss on the cheek, Ashley and Pamela continued to make their way to the door.

"Sweetheart, did you have a nice night?" Henry Irving asked his oldest daughter after all the guests had left. Anne had slipped into her parents' bedroom to say good night before turning in.

"It was absolutely wonderful!" she exclaimed with a leftover dreamy look from the hours before.

"Did you get to spend much time with David?" her mother questioned.

"Not as much as I would have liked," she admitted. "In fact, I was going to ask you tomorrow if, maybe we could have him over for dinner one night soon."

"I think we could manage that," her mother replied. "Why don't' you ask him in couple weeks. That will give us time to recover from the party some." (I'm not sure if the setting is the wild west, on the prairie or Victorian England!?!?)

"Okay, thank yo so much!" After giving her parents a quick kiss, she hurriedly thanked them again and retired to bed (why am I talking like that???). However, she knew sleep was nowhere near with her head still spinning with the excitement of the evening.

To be continued ...

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