Thursday, November 8, 2012

And This Will Be All I Have to Say About This

When I was pregnant with my twins I thought I might be crazy because I wasn't scared or even worried about the future: delivering or taking care of 2 infants. It just was what it was. I knew there would be challenges but I was up for it!
I've decided that is the way I should be looking at the outcome of the recent presidental election. I didn't vote to reelect the President so I wasn't too thrilled with the outcome. So many die hard conservatives I know believe the next 4 years will be gloom and doom. I'm not convinced.  Times may get harder. They may stay the same. They may get easier. The bottom line is we just don't know.
But I have 3 beautiful daughters who deserve a beautiful world and a beautiful life. They look to me for life ques right now. I want them to respect our President and government. I want them to be able to see beauty in hardship and learn to work hard even when times are easy. I will not teach or model fear or hate or disrespect.
My God is in control of all. HE is my provider and my shield and my safe place.
This isn't a blog about political issues so this will probably be the first and last thing I'll say about it.

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  1. Great post Abby! I love it! I did not see a whole lot of christians shining the light of Jesus during this election.

    This is refreshing. :-)