Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mail & Coupons

Go through my mail with me. Today I got 3 magazines. 
1. Nurses.com - "Oh yeah, I AM a nurse!"
2. JcPenney Catalog - "Humph, when do I ever shop?"
3. Parents - "I'm too busy actually being a parent to stop and read this!"

So I've been wanting to start couponing. Even though I watch the shows, I have no desire to compulsively stock pile mouth wash and tampons in my garage. I just want to save money on the stuff I'm already buying. I mean REALLY save money, not just like $.39 every week on OJ. My goal would be to cut my grocery budget in half - at least!

I'm probably over thinking the whole process and making it more complicated than it really is but any tips would be very appreciated!

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