Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Baking Revelation

We've got a bug going around here and instead of all the girls getting it at one time, they've decided to pass it around and be sick individually. FUN! Thus my lack of recent posts. Fortunately, I haven't gotten sick. Praise God!

I love baking! But what I don't love about baking is having a lot of sweets in the house. Last year, my resolution was to bake a pie a month but I didn't want to be responsible for the consuming of said pies. So every month I made them and gave them to a friend of mine who was eager to help me out. The holidays always awaken my baking bug. I could literally bake something every day (thank you Pinterest)! 

The other day I had some bananas go brown, which I totally take as an excuse to bake. Can't waste them! So I found a recipe for banana bars. For those of you who want to try, I used brown sugar instead of white in the bar recipe and used egg nog instead of milk in the icing. I ended up with a huge pan of them, a mom who is on a juice fast, a dad who "doesn't do banana bread", a toddler who doesn't do cake and me who is trying to not gain 400 pounds this holiday season. So I sent them to work with the hubbers. This completely inspired me to start baking and sending the results with Justin. That way he'll be the popular guy on campus and I'll get to bake! Here are some other recipes I've recently tried and had success with. Enjoy!

banana bars

Made this cake for Thanksgiving because my sister's new boyfriend doesn't do pie. lol SO glad I did! I quickly dubbed it Chocolate Beer Cake and I think me and Sean ate the whole thing ourselves! I didn't use the icing in this recipe. I used this white chocolate icing instead. 

Lasagna! My husband said this made him like lasagna ... VICTORY! I believe I made this exactly as the recipe says but instead of using the homemade sauce I used a jar of vodka sauce from the store and a little bit of cream. 
Wanted to repin this because I made it and it was DELISH! My husband said it made him like lasagna again. I used Vodka Sauce in the jar instead of the homemade maranara.

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