Sunday, December 9, 2012

Yours, Mine and Ours

Single me with my softball buddies about 2 years before meeting my hubby. Fortunately, these amazing peeps have become "ours."

I had a thought today. When you get married there is a merger of many things, friends included ... or not. 

My thought was, What happens when he has his friends and she has her friends and she doesn't like his and he doesn't like hers? Does everyone give up their friends? Does she only hang out with hers and he only hang out with his? Do they develop "our" friends? Do they compromise and hang out with each others' friends even though they don't want to?

Justin and I had a pretty short relationship before we got married, 14 months all together. We've had a few issues with this but it hasn't seemed to create too much conflict, thank God! 

What is your experience with or thoughts on this? 

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