Sunday, December 9, 2012

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Tonight JoJo took Eve to drive around and look at Christmas lights. Eve very generously invited me to tag along. We had too much fun! It made me think how much I can't wait to have 3 chatter boxes in the back seat in complete awe at such Christmas simplicity. 

Ever the unknowing character, I wanted to share a few Eveisms from the drive. 

"Christmas deer!!"

Me: "Eve do you know that angels have jobs? Do you know what their jobs are?"
Eve: "No."
Me: "Their job is to bring good news!"
Eve: "And to bring good food!! When the angels bring me chicken I won't be so sad."

After seeing a Santa with mechanical reindeer:
Me: "Eve where are they going?"
Eve: "To save Mrs. Claus!" 

We ended the drive with a trip to some friends' house who let Eve play with her decorative bird house then gave her an orange. I'd say it was a successful adventure!

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