Thursday, January 10, 2013

Getting It Together!



I've been on a cleaning/organizing binge lately! It started with me declaring war on germs in an attempt to keep the flu away. That bled into organizing the girls' closets, drawers and clothes. I'll post more on all that later. 

So I went to Target to get some organizing equipment and ended up with a big basket for books for $10. I was okay with the price for what I was getting. But then I came home only to discover I really needed 2 more of those baskets. 

Instead of going back to Target, I headed to the Dollar Store! SCORE!!! I found everything Target had at the Dollar Store plus more. Granted it's probably not the quality I would've gotten at Target, but it worked perfectly for what I needed.

I discovered how rolling clothes and towels can save SO much room in your drawers and cabinets and look so much neater. With that in mind, I found these amazing drawer organizers! FOR A DOLLAR! They had 2 different sizes. I'll post pictures later of the organizers in use so you can see how amazing they are in action!

 They had 2 different sizes - small and medium. But that leads me to believe there's a large somewhere!

This is how they looked in the package.

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