Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kiddie Kid Update

Well I made it though Christmas and took about 5 pictures. I'm the worst mother ever!! Long story short, my phone is my main camera and when my good phone broke I got a functioning "new" phone with a horrible camera. (Thus the low quality pictures I will be posting) But I managed to get at least 1 picture of each kid at Christmas. 

So Eve will turn 3 in March! It seems like she's been 2 for a decade! I'm very excited to see what 3 holds. Justin and I have both loved the 2s. Her name means "life" and she is the life of our family that is for sure! She has been taking gymnastics since September. She is the youngest and smallest girl in her whole gym. Yet she was the first one in her class to do some pretty advanced tricks by herself! She loves it! Right now she's in a mommy and me class and I'm so reluctant to move her because I absolutely love her coach! My job during classes is help keep her focused and remind her she's supposed to listen and obey then to help coach in getting her to do the tricks. She's learning so much!
My stinky bug as a newborn.
My baby big girl at gymnastics.

On the baby front, the girls are getting BIG! I've noticed just in the last few days how solid they're getting. They're SO close to crawling. But that doesn't keep them from getting around. Between scooting and army crawling they get around ... FAST! I'm loving it!! They are starting to recognize people and when Justin comes home from work they get so excited and try to get to him. 

They've been growing within 1/2 an inch or 1/2 a pound of each other. It's really been fun to watch them grow. I keep thinking they'll start looking drastically different and they keep looking more alike!

They're interacting with each other. They'll hold hands and touch each other's faces. They'll put each other's hands in their own mouths and try to play with the other's clothes. The absolutely LOVE Eve and Toria! When Eve walks into the room they're fixated. Granted it's hard to be because she usually runs into a room singing and dancing. Toria sings to them and they are mesmerized. They're getting to be so interactive and fun!
 Who's who?


Eve's doing. She wanted Noomi to play dressup with her. 

Playing with her sister's pumpkin butt!

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